The Best Dog Insurance For Older Dogs (6 Plans/Packages)

What is the best dog insurance for older dogs to opt into? Pet insurance goes back to 1890 back in Sweden and has taken effect ever since. Even as humans have health insurance, so do our pets have (health) insurance.

This insurance helps to reduce the costs of veterinary bills by covering the expensive bills partly or totally. It comes in various packages for different animals, e.g dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

The Best Dog Insurance For Older Dogs

Visiting the veterinarian often with your dog can be very costly especially when there is an emergency test or surgery, pet health insurance help lessen the burden on pet owners and give you priceless peace of mind.

Sadly, as your dog gets older it becomes prone to illnesses, cancer, or even specific health conditions. Various pet insurance companies offer insurance policies for all sizes of dogs: small, medium, and large (older dogs).

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5 Reasons Why Every Pet Owner Needs Pet Insurance

  1. It guarantees great health care for your pet: Enrolling your pet in an insurance policy gives your pet broader access to quality healthcare for treatments like cataracts, fractures, dental issues, pregnancy complications, etc.
  2. It covers expensive treatment: It is possible your pet may need urgent treatment for one major illness or the other, having pet insurance assure you and your pet quality health care is taken care of financially
  3. It offers additional coverage: There could be a case of theft or loss of your pet, pet insurance can cover that. It could also be damage to a person or someone’s possession, a pet insurance can cover all these for you. Though these listed reasons all depend on the policy you choose.

You might need good dog insurance for your dog, especially those that are open to dogs between 10-15 years. Here are the 6 best dog insurance for older dogs and their packages:

  • Best for a chronic condition – 24PetWatch
  • Best for routine care – PetFirst
  • Best for hereditary and congenital conditions – ASPCA
  • Best overall – PetAssure
  • Best for alternative therapies – HealthyPaws
  • Best for emergencies – Embrace

1. 24PetWatch – Best for Chronic Condition:

This is an insurance company that offers a wellness plan. It has an 80% reimbursement option with low deductibles and short waiting periods. The 24PetWatch offers a $500 per incident benefit, it also covers veterinary fees. It covers chronic conditions after 24 months, it covers exam fees and other invoice amounts.

2. Petfirst – Best for Routine Care:

There is no age gap for new policies in Petfirst as it provides medical and wellness insurance for all ages. Though, you are likely to pay more as your pet grows older.

3. ASPCA – Best for hereditary and congenital conditions:

It provides customized policies so you can choose the coverage that suits your pet. It offers a standout coverage for hereditary and congenital illnesses. It covers illness, accident, and wellness coverage. It also covers genetic conditions, lab tests, procedures and surgeries, exam fees, etc. There is no age limit. It covers stem cell therapy and microchipping.

4. PetAssure – Best overall:

PetAssure accepts all types of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. There is no exclusion in its plan, it covers every medical procedure. Its plan can be used an unlimited number of times. There are no waiting periods. No limitations to age, meaning all ages of pets/dogs (small, medium, older) are accepted. It is undoubtedly one of the best dog insurance for older dogs.

5. HealthyPaws- Best for Alternative therapies:

Healthy Paws policies are wide, it covers treatments like laser therapy and massage therapy acupuncture chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, etc. Its mobile app provides quick claim processing, which is usually processed In two days. It offers one accident and illness policy for dogs.

6. Embrace – Best for emergencies:

Embrace provides coverage for pets about 15 years old and accident coverage for pets above 15 years. With Embrace, pet owners can sign up for the Wellness Rewards plan, and cover preventive care expenses by contributing a certain amount as wellness benefits are not offered as a separate policy.  


What is the ideal age to enroll a pet in an insurance policy?

There is no specific age. Actually, the best time is the very moment you bring home your furry friend. Most insurance policies will cover pets as young as 8 weeks old.

What is the age limit for pet insurance?

Commonly, the age limit is 10 – 12 years but for older dogs that are older than 10 – 12 years, the age limit is 14 years. Although this varies from policy to policy

Can your pet belong to more than one policy?

Your pet can belong to one policy, but it is not advisable because belonging to multiple policies requires you to pay more. But you could enroll other pets of yours in various pet insurance policies.

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Final thoughts: Best Dog Insurance For Older Dogs

Older dogs have a lesser life span and they become prone to diseases as they grow older, they need pet insurance that can make the rest of their lives a quality one. Do the right and the best thing for your older dog and get it into one out of the above-listed best dog insurance.

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