The 15 Best Toys for Huskies [Best Selection]

What are the best toys for Huskies? Husky is a general term used to refer to dogs that are used for work as sled dogs in polar regions. They are an intelligent and energetic breed, very hardworking dogs that need a lot of exercises to stay happy. However, they are loyal, loving, and more than a little curious. With the right attitude, this sweet breed could be a lifelong companion.

The 15 Best Toys for Huskies [Best Selection]

Huskies were bred to handle heavy workloads and long periods of activity. When they are not active, huskies can get destructive. They require a lot of exercises, and toys can help do that.

Toys can play an important role in keeping them mentally stimulated and channeling their abundant energy into something productive.

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As a pet parent, providing your husky with the right toy can be overwhelming as there are lots of toys out there. Notwithstanding, this article has listed the 15 best toys for huskies.

15 Best Toys for Huskies

1. Orbee-Tuff Planet Ball Treat Dispensing Dog Toy:

The planet ball comes in different sizes, suiting the size of the mouth of every dog. It is a perfect rubber ball for your husky, it bounces, rolls, it can also be filled with your husky favorite treat. It is also a perfect fit for aggressive chewers.

2. Petstages Hedgehog Chew Toy:

This is one of the best toys for huskies on the market. It was made from a durable and flexible material. It is very helpful and supportive to the dental health of your husky. It can serve as a cleaning tool for your husky teeth. The hedgehog toy can be used in the pool as it bounces and floats on water.

3. Kong Extreme Goodie Bone:

The Kong Extreme is specifically designed for aggressive chewers and can withstand a great deal of force. There are spaces on the end for treats. The texture is pleasant to your husky’s mouth; when your husky needs to chew, it simply chews. It helps keep your husky’s teeth cleaner in between brushings and encourages it to chew with both its front and back teeth and can

4. ChuckIt Ring Launcher:

The ring launcher comes with a fun ring that flies through the air with your launcher tool, rolling randomly around the ground, allowing your Husky to catch, chase, or otherwise play with this super fun toy. It is a fun spin on a traditional launch toy. It is a safe rubber that can withstand the energy of your energetic Husky.

5. Kong Extreme Dog Ball Toy:

If you ever feel overwhelmed searching for the best toys for huskies, get your husky a ball. But not just any ball; Get your dog this Kong Ball specially built for huskies. It offers a long-lasting version of this classic dog toy. It’s simple and large enough for your dog to get excited about. The bounce is good, but it may be a little difficult to throw. It also has a section for adding a treat such as peanut butter

6. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Fetch Ball with Rope:

This toy is a bouncy ball that is perfect for throw and fetch. It has a rope passed in between the ball which can be used for tug of war between you and your husky where you hold the rope and your dog holds the ball and maybe the strongest man wins. It is a perfect toy for interactive games.

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7. Trixie Chess Interactive Dog Toy:

It is a puzzling game that every husky would love because it engages their mind. The Trixie Chess toy allows your Husky to think about how to get treats and how to manipulate the pieces to get those treats. There is a reward (treat) for correctly opening the container. It is an ideal toy for your husky because it presents it with genuine challenges.

8. USA Bones and Chews Rope Toy:

If you are looking for some of the best toys for huskies that do not contain any toxins, this toy can be your preferred option. It is made of non-toxic materials that are safe for your husky. It has hooves that have been cut and filed to prevent sharp edges, and your Husky can chew on either the rope or the hooves for hours. It contains no fillers and is never exposed to harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or bleach.

9. Mammoth Cotton Blend Five Knot Rope Toy:

The mammoth Knot rope is a five-knot rope tough chewing option that will keep your Husky entertained for hours. It is made of safe cotton, and the texture and tassels keep your dog interested in the toy The knots can be untangled by your husky chewing and pulling slowly. They also make excellent tug-of-war grips. The rope is strong and will last for a long time before unraveling.

10. Starmark Treat Dispensing Ball Toy:

It is made of tough plastic, and the light green color makes it easy to find underneath the couch or wherever it ends up. You could put your husky favorite treat in the ball but to get to the rewards, your Husky will have to move around and manipulate the ball, which could provide hours of entertainment. It can withstand heavy chewing and has a simple design that makes it easy to use.

11. Nylabone Puppy Rings Chew Toy:

This toy is specifically for puppy Huskies, it helps in growing teeth and jaws. It has interesting interlocking rings, it has a texture that gives your husky a pleasant mouthfeel. It also promotes healthy dental care leaving it with a fresh breath.

12. Frisco Hide and Seek Chewy Plush Box:

This squeaky toy will entertain your Husky’s ears while also providing a small mental challenge. It has a plush “box” in which three different toys, two of which squeak, can be hidden. Burrowing and digging out the toys will keep your Husky occupied till it hears that satisfying squeaking sound.

13. Nylabone Chicken Flavored Dinosaur Chew:

When it comes to chewing toys, this item is one of the best toys for huskies. The dinosaur-shaped toy is a unique toy that can become your husky’s favorite play partner. Amazingly, it is chicken flavored, so your dog would definitely love it. It helps clean your husky’s teeth while massaging itchy and sore gums.

14. Outward hound star spinner interactive dog toy:

This toy is a 3 star-shaped treat-dispensing toy that keeps your husky playing longer. It is like a spin-to-win action game, it has levels ranging from easy to difficult. It is a good toy to slow down fast eaters.

15. Kong Jumbler Ball:

This is a 2 in 1 ball, consisting of a larger outer ball that is transparent and a smaller inner tennis ball. It has a handle that your husky can grasp, it squeaks when the outer ball is moved in a certain way. It is an ideal toy for interactive fun.


How do I know what size toy to get my dog?

Knowing the right size of toy for your pet is very paramount. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to toys. You should get a toy for your pet based on your dog’s size, weight, and age.

What happens if my dog ingests a piece of a toy product?

Pets can easily swallow items reason why it is important to supervise your dog and its toys. If there happens to be ingestion, it is best to consult your veterinarian, though it depends on the size.

What if my dog doesn’t want a toy?

It’s almost impossible to find huskies or any breed of dog at all that doesn’t love toys. If your dog is rejecting a toy, visit a veterinarian to ensure your dog is healthy and OK.


Getting acquainted with the best toys for huskies is key if you want to get the right toy for your pet. Thankfully, this post has listed and briefly explained some of the best toys anyone can get for huskies at the time.

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Besides, it’s important you know that Huskies are by default ready to work, they are always energized and if not provided the right toys, can channel their energies to the destruction of everything around your home. After providing them with the right toys, never forget to supervise them as well.

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