Can Dogs Eat Human Food? List, Nutritional Benefits & Risks

Can dogs eat human food? The bond between humans and dogs is becoming stronger than ever before. In fact, people have learned to create actual friendships with dogs. Owing to this phenomenon, humans tend to share a lot of things with dogs, including food. However, the question you should ponder at this point is, can dogs eat human food?

Truth be told, dogs actually love some types of food that we humans normally eat. Dogs love spaghetti, pasta, as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, it’s important you know if it’s safe for your dog to consume human food.

Can Dogs Eat Human Food? List, Nutritional Benefits & Risks

Thankfully, this post is a guide that will inform you of the types of human foods that are safe for dogs to eat, as well as the nutritional benefits they enjoy afterward.

Types of Human Food Dogs Can Eat + Nutritional Benefits

Let’s delve into some of the basic types of human food dogs can eat:

#1. Eggs

Eggs are a brilliant source of protein for humans, especially for children. When it comes to dogs, eggs are also safe and nutritious for consumption. Dogs can eat eggs and you don’t have to worry about any side effects or health problems afterward. But before feeding your dogs eggs, ensure they are properly cooked.

Don’t ever feed your dogs raw eggs. When dogs eat raw eggs, they are at risk of contracting salmonella poisoning.

Moreover, feeding dogs boiled eggs should be done moderately. When dogs consume too many eggs frequently, it can lead to unhealthy weight gain because of the high-fat content contained in eggs.

#2. Rice

Since dogs are omnivores, they can eat both plant-based and animal foods without getting harmed. In short, dogs can eat rice. Specifically, brown rice is a great option because it is easily digestible. Moreover, rice is a fantastic source of carbohydrates for dogs.

Whenever dogs feel unwell, they can derive strength and energy from foods that contain enough carbohydrates such as rice and pasta.   

#3. Fruits

Fruits are not a bad source of food for dogs. Nevertheless, does are not meant to consume too much for fruits. Also, not all types of fruits are safe for dogs to eat.

Below are some of the types of fruits you are allowed to feed your dog:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Blueberries
  • Melon
  • Mangos
  • Raspberries
  • Pears

The aforementioned fruits can be eaten by dogs. However, make sure that you don’t make them a primary source of food for your dogs. The reason for this is that most fruits contain natural sugar and vitamin C. When these properties become too much in a dog’s system, it could become very unhealthy.

#4. Vegetables

There are different types of vegetables safe for dogs to eat. They include:

  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Fresh green beans
  • Sweet corn

The aforementioned vegetables are a nice source of food for your dog. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your dog eats them appropriately. If you decide to use them to supplement your dog’s diet, they shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities, especially vegetables such as cucumber and celery. They should just serve as treats. Read more about this through the link below.

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Types of Human Foods Dogs Should Not Eat + Risks

If you want your dog to remain healthy, here are some of the main types of food you should never feed the dog:

#1. Mushrooms

Dogs should never be allowed to eat mushrooms because they are extremely toxic and can cause some significant damage to a dog’s digestive system. This can result in frequent vomiting and diarrhea. In some cases, dogs can suffer from damaged red blood cells and anemia when they eat a large number of mushrooms.

#2. Milk

Milk may seem like a great source of food for dogs, but that’s just a big misconception that could put your dog at risk. According to veterinarians, you should avoid feeding your dog milk because dogs don’t produce enough lactase, which is needed to help digest the lactose in milk. This means that if you allow your dog to consume milk, there would be costly consequences.

#3. Chocolate

Dogs should not be allowed to eat chocolate because it contains milk. But aside from containing milk, chocolate also contains theobromine – this is an extremely toxic property found in cocoa. Even the smallest amount of theobromine is harmful to dogs.  

When chocolate is ingested by your dog, expect to see symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, heightened temperature, increased heart rate, and muscle rigidity. In worse-case situations, there could be liver failure and seizures.

#4. Raw meat

Many dog owners make the mistake of feeding their dogs raw meat, believing it’s a great treat. But sadly, this is highly disapproved by experts. Dogs should never eat raw meat because it contains some toxins that can make your dog prone to salmonella poisoning. If you must feed your dog meat, make sure it’s properly cooked.

More Food You Should Not Give Your Dog

Below are some other foods that your dog cannot consume:

  • Onions
  • Raisins
  • Yeast dough
  • Sweeteners
  • Walnuts
  • Avocado
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee


Should my dog eat fruit every day?

Your dog shouldn’t eat fruits every day so that they don’t consume too much sugar beyond what their body actually needs.

What’s the best source of food for my dog?

Dogs are of different breeds and they must be taken care of differently. To know the best types of food for your dog, consult a veterinarian.

Should I stop my dog from eating human food?

This post is not suggesting that your dog should avoid all kinds of human foods. Rather, it is simply showing you the types of foods that are not safe for your dog.  

Final Thoughts: Can Dogs Eat Human Food

As a way of expressing love to your dog, you may want to feed it the same food you love eating. However, make sure you don’t do this at the detriment of your dog’s health. In as much as some dogs can be fierce and strong, they also need to be properly taken care of and shielded from harm.

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If you really want to protect your dog’s health, you must feed it properly. Don’t feed your dog toxic foods even when it seems right. So, if you have been asking the question “Can dogs eat human food?” we believe this article is helpful.

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