Can Dogs Eat Vegetables? Check Out Healthy Pets Vegetables

Sometimes, a good way to spoil your dog is by offering vegetables and fruits as nice treats. The only problem with this gesture, however, is that you may not know the right vegetables to feed your dog.

In case you never knew, not all vegetables are edible to dogs. Remember your dog is not a human. It can’t eat literally everything that you normally eat. Hence, it’s important you get acquainted with the right types of healthy pet vegetables that your dog can safely consume.

Can Dogs Eat Vegetables? Check Out Healthy Pets Vegetables

In this post, we will delve into the vegetable dogs can eat, as well as the reason why you should feed your dog only these types of vegetables.

Vegetables Dogs Can Eat and Feeding Guide

Here are some of the main veggies that you are allowed to feed your dog as treats;


Broccoli is a great source of fiber and Vitamin C, which makes it a safe treat for dogs. You don’t have to worry about feeding your dog this vegetable since it is nutritious. Nevertheless, do not feed your dog broccoli in large quantities. In as much as it carries Vitamin C and fiber, you must understand that these are nutrients more suitable for humans. Although dogs need them as well, they should be ingested only in small quantities.

Brussels Sprouts

You can allow your dogs to eat Brussels sprouts. There’s nothing to be scared of. Brussels sprouts are high in nutrients and antioxidants that are very instrumental to both dogs and humans. However, just like you’ve learned about Broccoli, Brussels sprouts are not supposed to be eaten too much by dogs. They can cause a lot of gas and make your dog bloated.


Dogs can eat carrots. Carrots are quite low in calories but high in fiber, beta-carotene, as well as Vitamin A. You can occasionally feed your dog carrots, especially during trainings and games. You could use a stick of carrot to play fetch and catch. Another reason why Carrots are good for dog consumption is they help your dog’s teeth to be strong and healthy.


Celery is safe for your dog to eat because it contains Vitamin A B, and C. The crunchy green vegetable neatly grown via proper vegetable farming also carries high-value nutrients that help to fight cancer and promote a healthy heart. In addition, Celery is known to freshen a dog’s breath. That’s just simply amazing. Apparently, this is a great choice of snack for your dog.

Green Beans

Green beans can help make a sumptuous meal. Interestingly, dogs love it. Whether steamed, chopped, raw, or canned, green beans can be consumed by dogs without any risks. There are various important minerals and vitamins in green beans that will help improve your dog’s health. But if you are feeding your dog canned green beans, make sure you choose a low-salt or no-salt product if you are feeding. Too much salt is bad for dogs.


Dogs can eat peas, whether green peas, snow peas, English, or Garden peas. They are all good for dogs. Occasionally, you can pour some peas into your dog’s feeding bowl. Whether the peas are fresh or frozen, it doesn’t matter.  You should only avoid canned peas with added sodium. It’s not healthy for your dog.


Dogs can be allowed to eat Spinach. However, this vegetable should not be fed to pups because it’s high in oxalic acid, which is dangerous to the kidney and can block the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Pups are pretty too young to eat Spinach. While grown-up dogs can eat this vegetable safely, it should not be consumed in large amounts. To avoid this, you could mix the spinach with other vegetables.


Is it compulsory to feed my dog vegetables?

It’s not compulsory to feed your dog vegetables. The nutrients contained in some vegetables can be gotten in other types of food.

What if my dog doesn’t want to eat vegetables?

It’s quite rare to find dogs that don’t eat vegetables. But if your dog happens to reject vegetables, consult your veterinarian to check if it’s normal behavior.

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Final Thoughts: Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?

Feeding your dogs healthy and nutritional foods is a great way to look after your dog and ensure it grows healthily. When it comes to feeding your dog vegetables, do not fail to make the right choices.

Feeding your dog the wrong set of vegetables can be very fatal. This is why this post has listed the healthy pet vegetables that your dog can consume.

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