Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? — How Often, Benefits and Risks

How Often Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? — Green, Savoy, Red and White

Can rabbits eat Cabbage? You may be wondering if the greeny vegetables are healthy for your rabbits to eat. Apart from grasses, rabbits can eat fruits and vegetables but what type of vegetables can they eat? In here, you will get to know whether rabbits can eat cabbage, the types of cabbage that are healthy for them, how often, risks and benefits. Let’s get to it!

Cabbages are large greeny leafy vegetables used to make different types of meals. Many prefer to eat cabbage alone as a vegetable soup while some eat it with salads and other tasty meals. The main point is that it is healthy for human consumption but what of rabbits? Can rabbits eat Cabbage?

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage?

Yes! Rabbits can eat different types of cabbage whether green, red, purple, Chinese, Napa, or Savoy, and still stay healthy. Cabbage is naturally fresh with a lot of multivitamins, minerals, and healthy antioxidants compounds. Some of those multivitamins include vitamin C, vitamin B6, Vitamin K, and so on. Minerals like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus are also present.

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? — How Often, Benefits and Risks
Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage?

Apart from all these nutrients, cabbage contains a high percentage of water content making it perfect for hydrating your rabbits. Also, it contains high fiber which helps in digesting easily. Cabbage is that healthy for your rabbits, you should consider giving them some!

Some cabbage parts like the stalk and leaves can all be eating by rabbits without developing any health problems. They are not only safe but also healthy. Only the Cabbage roots are not advisable to give to your rabbits, they are not likely to eat them.

Even though rabbits can eat cabbage without any complications, some rabbits may not eat it if you served them. It all depends on your pet preferences and taste. It is not everyone that likes cabbage, so, do not force it if your rabbits refuse to eat cabbage, just find a replacement.

How Much Cabbage can Rabbits Eat?

No doubt, cabbage is healthy and safe for your rabbits but that doesn’t mean you should give excessively. Remember we said cabbage contains a high percentage of water and fiber, thus giving excessively is not advisable. This is because too much water can cause bloatedness while excess fiber can lead to runny stomachs or diarrhea as well.

Giving cabbage to your rabbits should be done moderately and occasionally. Just up to 2 to 3 times a week is enough. You don’t want to fill your rabbits with excess cabbage. You should ensure you cut the cabbage stalk into pieces also and give some slices.

Avoid giving the entire large vegetables at a time.

Similarly, it is important to always give 1 or 2 slices if you are just introducing the greeny vegetables to your rabbits and wait up to 24 hours before giving the rest. You can do this to check the reactions of your rabbits. Are there any side effects? Rabbits generally have a sensitive digestive system, so you want to be sure if your rabbits can eat cabbage and tolerate it well before giving.

Furthermore, ensure the vegetables to be given are thoroughly washed before cutting into slices. Most of these vegetables are grown with pesticides which are harmful and dangerous. Cabbage is also considered to be attractive to parasites. Not only your rabbits like cabbage, but parasites also do. So, ensure you check for any parasites and eliminate such before giving them to your rabbits to avoid such parasites harming your bunny. Rotten or over-ripened cabbage is not even an option. Always serve your rabbit with fresh and clean cabbage and see them grow healthily.

Can you feed Baby Bunnies Cabbage?

The digestive system of grown and healthy rabbits is sensitive and may not even tolerate too much cabbage. Not to talk of baby rabbits.

Do not give your baby rabbits cabbage to eat. Allow it to grow healthily eating grasses alone. Wait until it reaches at least 15 weeks before introducing them to any vegetables or fruits like cabbage. Baby bunnies can not tolerate cabbage at a tender age, their digestive system may not be well developed for such.

Can Rabbits eat Red Cabbage?

Rabbits are not picky eaters and almost every rabbit will love to eat cabbage. You can give your rabbits red cabbage to eat without any problem whatsoever, as long as it is given properly.

Like every other cabbage, it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for rabbits’ growth. The cabbage being red does not affect its nutrients, it is just a result of the color and acidity of where it is grown.

Can Rabbits Eat White Cabbage?

Your rabbits can eat any type of cabbage as long as it is fresh and ripe. White cabbage is readily available in the market and is healthy for your rabbits.

Can rabbits Eat Green Cabbage?

Of course, rabbits love greeny leafy vegetables including green cabbage. It is safe and healthy, you should try giving some!

Can rabbits Eat Savoy Cabbage?

Savoy Cabbage unlike others contains less vitamin C. Although this doesn’t mean it is unsafe for your rabbits. You can give your rabbits Savoy cabbage to eat without any problem.

Can Cabbage Kill Rabbits?

Will cabbage kill my rabbit? Cabbage can cause serious illness if not given moderately especially if not washed thoroughly before giving but not to the extent of killing your pets. Giving your bunnies cabbage to eat is not likely to kill them except for serious illness which requires timely intervention by veterinarians. Some of those illnesses and reactions may come in form of lethargy, anorexia, diarrhea, itchy skin, and so on.

Can Rabbits eat Canned or Cooked Cabbage?

The bunnies are known to love eating fresh grasses and sometimes fresh vegetables and fruits. So, giving cooked cabbage is not only wrong but unhealthy for them. Rabbits’ digestive system knows how to handled fresh grasses, vegetables, and fruits and not cooked ones.

Similarly, Canned cabbage is unhealthy and harmful to rabbits as it contains sweeteners, preservatives, and other toxic chemicals. It is better to buy fresh and ripe organic cabbage than canned ones.

Health Benefits of Rabbits eating Cabbage

There are many health benefits of giving cabbage to your rabbits. It is a way of supplementing their diets to aid healthy growth and development.

Cabbage offers different types of multivitamins including vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin K. It contains minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, and others necessary to keep organs working and functioning.

According to the USDA, 1 cup or  89g of cabbage contains the following nutritional value:

  • Calories – 22
  • Carbohydrates – 5g
  • Sugars: 2.8g
  • Protein – 1.1g
  • Fat – 0.1g
  • Fiber – 2.2g
  • Sodium – 16mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 5%
  • Vitamin C – 54%
  • Vitamin K – 7mg
  • Phosphorous – 2mg
  • Potassium – 170mg
  • Magnesium – 3mg
  • Zinc – 6mg

Below are some of the benefits of feeding your rabbits some cabbage occasionally.

#1. Boost Immune system

Being one of the nutrients in the cabbage, vitamin C is capable of the boosting immune system of your rabbits.

#2. Aid Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant bunnies are known to lack vitamin K, thus, it is highly recommended to give your rabbits cabbage to eat as it contains some vitamin K.

#3. Aid Cell Growth

Cabbage is known to contain healthy antioxidant compounds that are capable of fighting dangerous radicals in the body. This helps to aid cells growth and prevent some types of cancer.

#4. Improves Hydration and Skin Coats

Does your rabbit’s skin look scaly and dry? It is probably because you are not giving them enough water. Cabbage contains a lot of water which is capable of keeping your rabbits hydrated. Thus improving the skin color shiny and coats.

Although taking too much cabbage can lead to bloatedness, that is why we advised that you give your rabbits cabbage moderately.

#5. Increase Stomach Activity

There is a high percentage of fiber in cabbage which makes digestion easy. If your rabbits can eat cabbage, they will have no problem with constipation.

Even though you need to be more careful as rabbits digestive system is sensitive and it can results in diarrhea if cabbage is given excessively. You can give cabbage with other meals like grasses, carrots, collard green, and so on to prevent diarrhea.

Risks of Rabbits eating Cabbage

As healthy as cabbage seems for rabbits, it can be dangerous if not given properly. For instance, giving too much cabbage to your rabbits can lead to Kidney problems. This is because cabbage contains calcium, potassium, and other minerals which are capable of forming stones. Thereby blocking the kidney vessels or affecting their functions.

Apart from the Kidney problem, there are other many risks your rabbits can encounter if you didn’t give moderately.

Find below some of the serious illnesses and symptoms rabbits can develop:

  • Diarrhea/ running stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy/ Drowsiness
  • Anorexia/ Loss of Appetite
  • Itching
  • Skin rash
  • Bloatedness

In case you notice any of these symptoms after giving your rabbits some cabbage, you should seek the help of a veterinarian.

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Final Thoughts on Can Rabbits eat Cabbage

It is evident now that rabbits can eat cabbage and still stay healthy. As long as you give once in a while and moderately, your rabbits should have no problem eating the cabbage.

Remember you should wash the cabbage well before giving and ensure you watch out for any side effects closely. Wishing your rabbits happy snacking!

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