10 Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Make You A Better Human

What is the importance of having a dog to humans? One of the peculiarities found in a dog lover is that having dogs around can make you a better human. Animal lovers for sure love returning home to their furry friends.

After a long day at work, it is a priceless moment when you get welcomed at the door by your dog, the joy on its face with its wagging tail cannot be replaced. Dogs surely can make you a better human in different ways.

10 Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Make You A Better Human

According to research performed by experts, it was noted that 93% of dog parents have become better people thanks to their dogs. Here is a list of ways having a dog can make you a better human.

1. It helps you to stay active:

Studies show that having a dog has a great impact on your physical activities. Dogs love going on walks or even races. As a dog mum or dad your dog looks up to you to take it out on a walk or run on sidewalks or dog parks, this, in turn, makes you active and healthy, and what other way to be a better human than staying active and fit.

2. It teaches you patience:

Having a dog makes you a patient person, your dog may get sick, rip your couch into pieces or even damage your household items, oftentimes you might feel like yelling at your dog but deep within you know that your dog means no harm.

At times when there is a change in environment, your dog might find it difficult to adapt to the new setting, patience is what sees you through these unsteady times. This patient attribute can also be applied in other parts of your life.

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3. Make you more responsible:

It is a great commitment to be responsible for the livelihood of another living creature. Having a dog is likened to having a little human being under your care and there is a popular opinion that “adopting a puppy can teach and make one responsible, and also prepare you for parenthood”.

Taking care of your dog is no easy task, as it is your job as a dog mum or dad to provide water, food, and even a good bath for your dog. There is no other person your dog looks up to for its basic needs than you. Having a dog can make you responsible for your time and finances.

4. It improves your sense of humor:

There are countless ways a dog can improve your life and make you a better human. One of which is putting a smile on your face at all times. You will agree with me that the goofy look on your dog can leave you grinning from ear to ear.

5. Makes you more affectionate:

Owning a dog opens up your affection bud, when you show love and affection to your furry friend it improves your life by making you more affectionate to people around you. You can show affection by stroking, petting, hugging, kissing your dog.

6. Makes you organized:

When you have dogs or a dog around you become very careful and mindful of the type of things you leave laying around on the floor. If you do not get your personal belongings and household items on check your dog might as well rip them apart, that is why they need a safe and clean place to live.

7. Makes you financially alert:

One of the significant ways having a dog can make you a better human is by teaching you money management skills. This time you are no longer the only one relying solely on your bank account, but your little furry friend is also. There are costs attached to owning a dog, which will make you spend wisely and smarter.

8. Build your communication skills:

Relationships with dogs can help boost the way you communicate with people. Dogs help patients in elder care become more sociable, alert and boost their communication. Dogs can teach you nonverbal communication, in as they do not speak with words as we do, they communicate based on body language and tones.

9. Teach Empathy:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to connect and sympathize with others and dogs are a resource for enhancing our emotional intelligence. This can make you a better human, knowing how to show care, love, and empathy to others

10. They enhance your self-esteem:

Having a pet improves your confidence, you can talk and confide in your dog. Based on studies, people who own dogs tend to have higher self-esteem than people who don’t.


Do I need to walk my dog every day?

Some dogs more than others need a daily walk. For starters, you can take your dog on a short walk, observe its response and with time increase it to longer walks. This helps to boost physical and mental health.

Can my dog help me live a longer life?

Yes, owning a dog can contribute to elements that promote longevity. People with cardiovascular disease recover better with dogs around.

Is it compulsory for me to have a dog?

It’s not compulsory for you to own a dog. You should only get a dog if you are willing to build a relationship with it and look after it dearly.  

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Having a dog around has a lot of positive effects on you and your family. Your furry friends have the ability to help you live a longer and healthy life and in all make you a better human.

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